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Paragliding courses

Elementary Pilot CourseBeginner

The Elementary Pilot Course is aimed at the complete novices and is the first step in getting your experience in paragliding. You don’t need any previous experience.

On your first day you will learn all the names and parts of the equipment. You will start the ground control and the movements necessary to take-off. Once you learn how to control your paraglider you will progress to the hill stages and start your small flights.

By the end of the week you can expect to be doing small soaring flights, precise landings and take-offs.

Standard – Beginner, no experience necessary

Duration – 5 days – Monday to Friday

Group Size – Max. 5 Students

Pratical Techniques – Alpine ground handling

                                      Reverse groud handling

                                      Take-off thecnic

                                       Landing thecnic     

                                       Direct Flights

                                      Short duration flights 

Price – 500 €

Included in the price – Pratical and theorical lessons

                                          All the necessary equipment

Not included in the price – Personal and third party insurance

Location of classes – all classes are within the Lisbon area radious of 60km from Lisbon center.

Transport – Students must have their own transport

Reservation – Email us with the dates required. After confirmation of availability we send the bank details for you to pay a 250€‚ non-refundable deposit. The balance is then payable in Euros upon your arrival.

Cancellations –  Due to limited numbers per course, cancellations made within 15 days of the course commencing will have to pay the full course fees.

Next level – Option to continue tuition into the following week, or return at a later date, to complete our Elementary Pilot Course. Ask for separate syllabus and costing.

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O que nos distingue

A Espiral - Escola de Voo prima por um ensino de qualidade e assente na experiência de instrutores qualificados. Somos a única escola em todo o país que possui qualificação pela Federação Portuguesa de Voo Livre para poder leccionar todo o conjunto de cursos:

- Nível 1 em Parapente
- Nível 2 (nível máximo em Portugal) em Parapente
- Piloto de bilugar Parapente
- Nível 1 em Paramotor
- Nível 2 em Paramotor
- Piloto de bilugar em Paramotor
- Piloto de Trike
- Piloto de bilugar em Trike

Ao optar por uma escola com uma oferta tão diversificada o aluno pode evoluir dentro de uma lógica de ensino integrada e beneficiar dos conhecimentos comuns leccionados em cada curso.


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