...há mais de 15 anos a ensinar a voar!

Tandem flights


Did you ever dream you could fly?

Now you have the opportunity to make you dream come true! Without any experience you can glide through the air in our paragliding in the company of our instructors. The paragliding flight is an unforgettable experience that will take  20 or 30 minutes. All the flights are done in the beaches of the Lisbon area and they only depend on the weather forecast.

You can take home a excellent souvenir of your flight in a edited movie. When you make the reservation please ask to have your flight videotaped.

See the final product here:

 You don’t need any equipment. Just bring comfortable shoes and adventure spirit. Come and celebrate your anniversary with us! Join some friends and bring them to fly! Our instructors have 20 years of experience and are licensed by our national federation.

If you want to try the feeling of flying like the birds you can choose a  20 minutes (49,90 €) or a 30 minutes (69,90 €)*. We have special prices for groups over 5 persons.

We can also issue gift vouchers. 

*The vouchers are valid for 1 year. You can get the return of the money until 15 days after purchase. VAT not included

If you want to Schedule a date please contact us here

You can see the usual flying places here

The tandem flights are done all year long. The most favorable season to fly is during Spring and Autumn. The chart below shows the percentage of flying days in the Lisbon area:


We´ll be waiting for you…


O que nos distingue

A Espiral - Escola de Voo prima por um ensino de qualidade e assente na experiência de instrutores qualificados. Somos a única escola em todo o país que possui qualificação pela Federação Portuguesa de Voo Livre para poder leccionar todo o conjunto de cursos:

- Nível 1 em Parapente
- Nível 2 (nível máximo em Portugal) em Parapente
- Piloto de bilugar Parapente
- Nível 1 em Paramotor
- Nível 2 em Paramotor
- Piloto de bilugar em Paramotor
- Piloto de Trike
- Piloto de bilugar em Trike

Ao optar por uma escola com uma oferta tão diversificada o aluno pode evoluir dentro de uma lógica de ensino integrada e beneficiar dos conhecimentos comuns leccionados em cada curso.


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Marque aqui o seu Baptismo de Voo!!!

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